English Interpretation

Simultaneous English Interpretation

The speaker talks in their native language or in the approved negotiation language while the interpreter who is in the interpretation booth translates the foreign language directly into the earphones of the listener.

Consecutive English Interpretation

This is a form of interpretation where the interpreter translates the language to the speaker in parts. The speaker then responds and the interpreter then translates this to the listeners.

Legal English Interpretation

This is a form of interpretation by a legal interpreter, who is registered at a court in the Czech Republic.

Legal Interpretation of a Validated Exam in English

We ensure legal interpretations of validated exams for both state and non-state institutions, for companies with foreign employees and for all foreigners for whom the exam is required, in order to obtain a work permit.


Interpretation of Training for Operating Production Lines in English

Have you purchased a production line or equipment for your business from abroad and need to train the operating staff directly in the client's place of business? We offer consecutive interpretation of training for operating production lines.

English Interpretation over the Telephone

Do you need to negotiate with your partners abroad quickly and effectively, but the language barrier is standing in your way? Interpretation over the telephone is the ideal solution!

English Interpretation via Skype

Are you looking for a quick and effective way to communicate with foreign partners, but the language barrier is standing in your way? Try English interpretation via Skype!

Interpretation Technology

We offer the rental of interpretation technology along with a professional service.

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