Legal English Interpretation

This is a form of interpretation by a legal interpreter, who is registered at a court in the Czech Republic. In the majority of cases, legal English interpretation is done as consecutive interpretation, where the speaker presents a part of their speech which the interpreter then interprets to the listeners.

We ensure legal English interpretation for legal negotiations, marriages, meetings with notaries, driving test examinations, validated exams and any other events that require the presence of a legal interpreter.

Some Useful Information

  • Materials for Legal English Interpretation
    These are documents that support the preparation of legal English interpretation for a particular event such as wedding vows, meetings with notaries etc.
  • Criteria for Legal English Interpretation
    A legal English interpreter is registered at a court in the Czech Republic; they use a round certification seal and are legally bound to secrecy.
  • Interpretation Time
    The length of a legal English interpretation is always set with regard to the client's needs.

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  • Individual approach and flexible communication
  • Optimal prices for legal English interpretation
  • High quality services
  • Stable team of qualified English interpreters
  • Discrete, fast and professional conduct

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