Legal Interpretation of a Validated Exam in English

This is a form of interpretation by a legal interpreter who is registered at a court in the Czech Republic. In the majority of cases, legal English interpretation is done as consecutive interpretation, where the speaker presents a part of their speech and then the interpreter translates this to the listeners.

We ensure the legal interpretation of validated exams in English for both state and non-state institutions, for local companies with foreign employees and for all foreigners, for whom a validated exam is an essential part of obtaining a work permit.

Some Useful Information

  • Materials for a Legal Interpretation of a Validated Exam in English
    A validated exam requires the preparation of an experienced legal English interpreter, who must familiarize themselves in detail with the exam subject and all related exam questions.
  • Criteria for Legal English Interpretation
    A legal English interpreter is registered at a court in the Czech Republic; they use a round certification seal and are legally bound to secrecy. The presence of a legal interpreter for a legal interpretation of a validated exam is absolutely essential.
  • Interpretation Time
    The length of the legal interpretation of a validated exam in English is always set with regard to the schedule of the institution, which organizes the exam. The minimum time charged is for 4 hours of interpretation.

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  • Individual approach and flexible communication
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