Simultaneous English Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation takes place at the same time as the speaker's presentation.

In a simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker's presentation and simultaneously interprets the presentation in a different language to the listeners using a microphone. If there are interpretations into several different languages at a conference, then listeners can choose the language that they want to listen to the presentation in, on their receivers.

Simultaneous English interpretation is highly recommended for conferences, seminars, congresses and other social events.

Some Useful Information

  • Interpretation Technology
    Simultaneous English interpretation requires interpretation technology to be used.
  • Number of Interpreters
    To ensure top quality English interpretation, the participation of two interpreters is always required for simultaneous interpretations.
  • Interpretation Time
    The length of an English interpreter's workday is 8 hours, including all interruptions and breaks.

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